Customer Relationship Management

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App ComponentsCustomer Relationship Management


Your contacts and clients database, filtered and categorized based on your criteria


Organizations represents a company or an institution that has multiple employees associated with it


It includes customers, companies, calendars, products, suppliers, documents and more


Keep track of all the salespersons' movements with their customers including contact, sales, etc


An integrated system that is ready to support all types of projects in the most accurate details

Customer Service

Customer inquiries, requests, complaints conducting, FAQ and many more operations

Products and Invoices

Is the section through which invoices are created, modified, exported, and generate related reports

Leads Management

Identify business prospects and convert leads into Opportunities, Contacts, and Organizations


Opportunities provide strategy to follow up prospective customers who are likely to successfully finish the sale


Detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved and Discounts etc

Services Agreements

As per the agreed contracts, your support center is supposed to offer service for the product for agreed period of time.

PO and SO

Management and follow-up of all sales order movements for customers and purchase orders from suppliers

Price Book

Ability to attribute different prices for products, control over the pricing and vary prices at any time


Person/organization that supplies Products or Services to your company. Can also be a manufacturer or a re-seller

Mail Manager

Integrated email client that allows users to perform CRM related actions on incoming email.

More Features

Multilingual system, unlimited user powers, ability to modify fields, and other great features

CRM Features

Just to name a few

  • CRM is Multilingual including English and Arabic
  • Flexible roles and permissions for users
  • Full control of fields management (add, delete, order, etc)
  • Generate and export ready-made and custom generated reports
  • Send email messages and notifications to contacts and organizations
  • Send SMS notifications based on your workflow
  • Bulk import and migrate your data from your system to CRM4
  • Send notifications and alerts to all your employees
  • Send automatic e-mail if a particular event occurs
  • Ability to upload documents, save and attach them to contacts
  • Analyze reports through graphs tables
  • Customize company logo, information and tax
  • Archive for all transactions made inside the system

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Why choose CRM4To manage customer relations?

  • Responsive Design

    Built on the latest, most widely and most prevalent systems

  • Easy to use

    Used by more than 100 thousand users worldwide

  • Best price

    Flexible options and plans to satisfy each customer needs

  • Privacy and security

    Works On-Premise inside your building or On-Cloud

  • No Restrictions

    Unlimited number of employees and clients

  • One click to work

    Order your server, get it at your address, and power it on to start

Cloud CRM (Yearly Subscription)Don't restrict yourself to a place or device, use the system wherever you are.



  • 5 Users



  • 15 Users



  • Unlimited users

On-Premise CRM (One-Time Payment)Pay once and get your own server at your company or your web hosting



  • 5 Users
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Supports English and Arabic



  • Unlimited Users
  • Gift: One Year Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Phone Support System
  • Supports 10+ languages

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