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App ComponentsCustomer Relationship Management


Keep track of all the delegates' movements with their customers from dates, meetings, services, etc


An integrated system that is ready to support all types of projects in the most accurate detail


It includes customers, companies, calendars, products, suppliers, documents and more


Your contacts and clients database, filtered and categorized based on your needs

Customer Service

Customer inquiries, requests, complaints conducting, FAQ and many more operations

Products and Invoices

Through which the creation and export of invoices and the amendment and the extraction of reports related to them

Leads Management

Store data for potential customers and also work and take actions that are dependent on the data storage process


Contains the data of its permanent customers who have requested your services and products before

Potentials Management

Helps you manage any investment opportunity and transfer it from an opportunity to a customer or project


Create Quotations for customers if they request a specific service, and contain infinite features

Services Agreements

Create contracts that are provided and delivered to customers

PO and SO

Management and follow-up of all sales order movements for customers and purchase orders from suppliers

Price Lists

Create and formulate different Quotations for your products in the warehouse

Vendors Management

Enter data for suppliers and companies your company is dealing with to purchase goods

Email Management

An integrated email program similar to the Outlook but contains more features and advantages, many and wonderful

More Features

Multilingual system, unlimited user powers, ability to modify fields, and other infinite features

CRM Features

Just to name a few

  • CRM is Multilingual including English and Arabic
  • The ability to appoint supervisors and managers and to control staff competencies
  • Ability to modify fields from delete, add and change
  • Ability to export all reports to Excel or Word or PDF
  • The Ability of sending emails to customers and suppliers
  • Ability to send text messages to customers and suppliers
  • The Ability of importing a group of clients from the Excel file to facilitate the process of data entry
  • Ability to issue alerts or circulate to all employees
  • The Ability of sending an automatic e-mail if a particular event occurs
  • Ability to import files and attach them and save them in the system
  • Ability to analyze reports through graphs
  • Ability to add company logo on invoices
  • Archive for user movements within the system

Why choose CRM4To manage customer relations?

  • Compatible with smart devices

    Built on the latest most widely and most prevalent global programs

  • Easy to use

    Used by over 100 thousand users worldwide

  • Best price

    Payment only once, no monthly or yearly installments

  • Privacy and security

    Works on a local client server within its facilities

  • No strings.

    The number of employees and clients is unlimited

  • Work and start working

    Exclusively for the first time, I own a circus in your facilities, run a circus and start your work.

Start working

All you have to do is press ON.

Receiving server

Own your Server between your hands wherever you are


Select your appropriate proposal and complete the purchase

Cloud CRMDon't restrict yourself to a place or a computer, use the program wherever you are.



  • Unlimited users



  • 15 Users



  • 5 Users

On-Premise CRMPay once and have own server inside your facility or on your host



  • Unlimited number of users
  • Includes a private server
  • Includes online technical support
  • Includes technical support by mobile
  • Supports + 15 languages



  • 5 Users
  • Does not include the server price
  • Includes technical support by ticketing
  • Supports Arabic and English

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